ID Re-imagined.

Photo capture. Digital ID. Mobile ID Scanning. Live Reporting.
In one integrated, elegant, friendly box.

Digital & Physical ID

A complete solution for cutting-edge ID. Digital or plastic, selfies or pro photography - the choice is yours.

Beautiful premade designs

Accept the defaults and get great-looking cards, including Code39 barcodes for legacy systems.

Powerful Design Tools

Powerful online layout tools offer complete design flexibility.

Broadcast invitations

Send invitations to capture photos to parents, staff and students with integrated SMS & email broadcast tools.

Remote Capture

Students and staff can capture photos for their at any time using any phone or computer - no app required!

On-site Photo Kiosks

A school laptop or chromebook can be used as a kiosk to photograph staff or students who couldn't deliver selfies for any reason.

Review & Approve Images

Quickly scan through the results and reject unacceptable images. Affected individuals receive links to retake their images.

Rendering and Printing

Cards can be rendered to PDF or PNG at any time and printed using any device you like.

Bulk order & replacement ID

If you'd like to use physical cards, we can print & ship cards direct to your school - ready for distribution to students.

So what’s included?

No-app reactive digital ID

Student record editing

Premade ID designs

Custom ID layout editing

DIY Selfie / Remote Capture

Remote Upload

Image & Data import

Image & Data export

Personal Home Pages

PURL to photo storefront

Org-level login page

Replacement card ordering

Bulk card ordering

Capture Kiosk

Image Review & Approval

Render cards to PNG/PDF

Print cards

SMS / email Messaging & Reporting

Panic button

Digital ID – FREE

We're so certain you'll love our other tools that we're giving Digital ID away at no charge.

Digital ID
done right

Always on hand

Students will keep going to school if they forgot an ID card, but they will turn around and run home if they forgot their phone.

Always up to date.

A student becomes an ASB member? Their card reflects this.

Easily disabled.

ID can be turned off instantly if an individual leaves the school.


Gives immediate access to school and online services, such as the National Suicide Help Hotline.


Scan and be scanned.

A unique QR code is added to each card.

This enables our system to scan cards from any connected device (mobile phones, laptops, chromebooks) … without installing any software or apps.

The applications of scanning ID cards from mobile devices are huge.

This is our bread & butter.


Security features like a real-time clock and popup prevention ensure that cards are not counterfeit and school portraits remain private.

So what’s included?

No-App reactive Digital ID

Premade ID Designs

Student record editing

Image & Data import

Personal Home Pages

PURL to photo storefront

Org-level login page

Replacement card ordering

ID for School Staff – FREE

Teachers need staff ID to get Covid-19 Vaccinations. We want to help.

We can help get your teachers the ID they will need to show to get the vaccine.

Teachers will soon get their turn in the vaccination process.

They’ll need to prove they are teachers to get the vaccine.

But if there have been no photographers on campus, how are they going to show current staff badges?

High5.ID can help, and there’s no charge.

Give your teachers access to our solution – they can create digital ID using selfies, without needing to come on campus for a picture, using their own phones.

The resulting ID can be digital (for free) or printed (for a nominal fee).

Click here to sign up your school - no cost or obligation.

Sign up my school!

Rescue your yearbook

On-site photography not possible? Use High5 to collect the yearbook portraits!

Set a deadline

If you don't get portraits by this date, they aren't going to be in the yearbook panels!

Broadcast to students & staff

Integrated email & SMS tools, with pretty templates, giving people links to click to take their photos.

App-free Selfies

People resist installing "yet another app". With High5, users do not need to install anything for the picture-taking process - a huge advantage.

Framing Tools

Your framing guidelines guide people to take photos that require the least work after the fact

On-site Photo Kiosks

A school laptop or chromebook can be used as a kiosk to photograph staff or students who couldn't deliver selfies for any reason.

Review & approve

Quickly scan through the results and reject unacceptable images. Affected individuals receive links to retake their images.

Knockout & clean up

You can choose to knock out subjects, replace backgrounds, crop for uniformity, and apply color correction.

PSPA Export

Streamlined export to the PSPA standard, for smooth importing into all yearbook layout tools.

Track visitors as they come and go from your campus.

Real Time Communication
Touchless option

Visitors register by sending a text from their phone to a special number. They are asked to take a selfie and fill in their details. No kiosk, scanner, or printer is required.

Kiosk option

A physical kiosk offers a laser scanner & badge printer. Cost-effective and familiar.

Best practices for visitor management

Sex offender lookup

Matches between visitors and sex offenders found in any state sex offender lists are flagged to the school with photos to compare.

Visitor flagging

Frequent visitors get a green flag and fast pass privileges.Visitors with concerns get yellow; banned visitors get red.

Modern reporting

Reports can be created for visitors, volunteers and temp staff. No more paper records.

Panic Button

With a click, your staff can reach Administrators, school security, and local law enforcement via SMS and text-to-speech phone blasts.

No software to install

High5.ID is web based. No apps need to be installed on teacher, student, or volunteer phones. Office staff have no software to install.

Key fobs for speed

High5.ID can scan government ID, mobile phones, or badges from previous visits. Put our QR code on a keyfob and give regular visitors super-fast access!

Real-time, Cloud-based, mobile, touchless, app-free.

Live Reporting

Student scans are sent directly to the cloud for easy report generation.

Know Why

Students enter reasons for their tardiness or early dismissal. Frequently-tardy students can be identified and asked to do better.

Parent Pickups

You’ll know which adult picked up a student. You’ll have a photo and driver’s license ID or phone number, too.


Emails and text messages can be sent directly to parents in case of excessive tardies or attendance concerns, live.

Simple Event Management with live tracking on Mobile Phones

Track students as they enter and exit events such as after-school programs, dances, sporting events, detentions and field trips. Volunteers and staff can check status live,
from mobile devices with no installed app.

Sell Tickets

Generate and assign tickets for events such as school plays, dances, etc. Tickets can be printed or purely digital.

Scan on any device

Staff or volunteers scan badges and tickets using the cameras on their mobile devices. No special hardware is required.

No App

Tickets and ID may be scanned using any connected phone, tablet or laptop. No physical scanner is required. No app needs to be installed.

Live updates

View and print reports of entries and exits as they happen. Track ticket sales. Ensure that students on field trips are all accounted for.

Cloud Based

Attendance information can be viewed from any device. Your office can track students off campus and at special events such as field trips.

Real-time reporting

Access High5.ID from any connected device, and see entries and exits in real time.

Know which students are participating, and which are being left out.

Know who is where, in real time.

A complete system for tracking riders on bus routes using student cards and modern optical scanning.

Scan on, Scan off

A mobile device on the bus scans riders on and off. This information is saved to the cloud immediately, for both live and summary reports.

Inexpensive hardware

When boarding or exiting, riders present High5 ID for scanning by a connected phone or tablet on the bus.

One card fits all

High5's ID cards combine photos of students with scannable codes. The same card can be used for taking attendance, entering the school, and getting on the bus.

Real-time mapping

Bus positions are shown on a private map, updated from the connected mobile scanning device on the bus.

Real-time, Cloud-based, Mobile, Touchless, App-free.

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