Come Together Safely with High5.ID

Create Your Own Player Passes

Parents take a picture of their child and upload it directly to Athlete Tracking, allowing leagues to create their own digital or printed print player passes. Another option is to let us create player passes and print them for you!

COVID Contact Tracing Tool

Easily identify which spectators and participants may be at risk using your live database that includes phone numbers and emails.

COVID Symptom Surveys

Screen players using custom health surveys. All data is stored safely on the cloud, but is easily accessible through your protected custom login.

Minimum Play Rule (MPR) Tracking

Track MPR on any smart device, in real-time and free up more of your time to concentrate on the game.

Schedule a Meeting

Quick Call or Demo

Learn how High5.ID helps solve today’s challenges for school, league and association sports.

Digital ID for Staff & Participants

Use smartphones to register, receive a Digital ID and check in to events. Remote image capture – parents take pics of kids and those are used on player passes.

Manage Your Own Player Passes

Parents either take a picture of their child or upload one they already have straight into Athlete Tracking. Use them to print and manage player passes.

Integrated Email & Text Messaging

Alert parents and players about schedule changes, game requirements and other important messages.

Scan QR Codes Using Any Device

Staff or volunteers scan badges and tickets using the cameras on their mobile devices. No special hardware required.


Real-time Reporting

Access High5.ID from any connected device. See entries and exits in real time.

No App Needed

Tickets and ID may be scanned using any connected phone, tablet or laptop. No physical scanner is required. No app to be installed.

Live Participant Database

Know who was at each practice and who was each game in real-time data.

Custom Admin Panel

School, League, Conference or Association administrators can view and manage data from any smartphone or computer.