Improve Student and School Performance with Positive Reinforcement

Give Points for Good Behavior

Use positive reinforcement to reward students for good behavior like good grades, attendance and citizenship.

Track Attendance at School Events

Our unique QR Code system allows schools to check students in and out of events, whether they’re on campus or off using any smart device.

Track Class Attendance

Track class attendance each period using a phone, laptop, Chromebook or Tablet. Students check in with their printed or Digital ID. Effortlessly track attendance for in-person or distance learning.

Student School Pictures Imported Automatically

Forget about uploading image files into software! With High5, current School Pictures are uploaded automatically.

Schedule a Meeting

Quick Call or Demo

Learn how High5.ID helps solve today’s challenges in school administration.

SurveysIncrease School Involvement

Build a sense of community at your school through Behavior Tracking. Administrators have a birds-eye view of who’s uninvolved in school clubs or other groups and create a plan to …..

Admissible ID

Setup admissibility to campus for Cohort and Hybrid Class Schedules. Easily manage who’s going back to in-person learning on which days. 

Email or Text Students, Parents and Staff

Easily send parents updates or requests for support. Encourage, support and suggest improvements for students. Collaborate with staff for improved communication and referrals.


Distribute surveys to gather feedback. Can be used for class elections and any other occasion where students, parents or teachers are asked to contribute.

Flag Student Behavior

Monitor levels of positive behavior compliance by assigning color-coded flags to students. 


No Flag is the Default

Student behavior still under review.


White Flag

Behavior is positive and encouragement is warranted.


Blue Flag

Is set for when a behavior needs to be monitored.  Some improvement is needed. 


Orange Flags

Is set for students that are at risk and in need of possible intervention.