Scan on, Scan off.

A mobile device on the bus scans riders on and off.
This information is saved to the cloud immediately,
for both live and summary reports.

Know everything. Live.

Tablet or Phone

When boarding or exiting,
riders present High5 ID for scanning
by a connected phone or tablet
on the bus.

One card fits all

With ID Essentials at the school,
the student Photo ID card IS the bus pass.
Sharing is not possible because
the bus driver can ensure that
the rider matches the ID.

Access Control

Only those who need to know
have access to the system.
Schools. Districts. Parents.
Transportation Companies.

Real-Time Mapping

Bus positions are shown on
a private map, updated from the connected
mobile scanning device on the bus.

Real-Time Reporting

Access High5.ID from any connected device,
and see entries and exits in real time.

Local Support

Training and support are supplied
by your local High5 Teammate.

You have answers.

Did the rider get on the bus? Where is the bus now? What time were they dropped off?