Track students as they enter and exit events
such as after-school programs, dances, sporting events,
detentions and field trips.

Volunteers and staff can check status live,
from mobile devices with no installed app.

Track Event Attendance on Staff Phones

Scan Students

Students are scanned in via the
QR code on their High5 ID.
The cloud-based database updates immediately.

Sell Tickets

Generate assign, and scan tickets
for ticketed events such as school plays.

No App

Tickets and ID may be scanned using
any connected phone, tablet or laptop.

No physical scanner is required.
No app needs to be installed.

Real Time Reports

View and print reports of entries and exits
as they happen. Track ticket sales.
Ensure that students on field trips are all accounted for.

Cloud Based

Attendance information can be
viewed from any device.
Your office can track students off campus
and at special events such as field trips.

Local Support

Training and support are supplied by
your local High5 Teammate.

Know which students are participating, and which are being left out.