Digital or Printed ID for your school.
Cloud-based. Mobile-friendly.

ID that helps you send text messages to students.

1: Send an invitation

Hit a button: your parents receive
a text or email message inviting them
to take photos for their student ID.

2: Selfies happen

Students or parents capture selfies
on mobile devices or laptops,
at home or using school computers.

3: Approve for print

Review the uploads.
When ready, click to submit
your cards for bulk printing.
They’ll be delivered before
the start of the school year!

Message your students

Parents and students can opt in
and provide student phone numbers
to receive digital ID.
We manage it.
Use this list to broadcast texts
directly to students.

Digital or Printed

Put digital ID on student phones,
or hand out traditional printed cards.
Both versions include
barcodes for existing school equipment
and QR codes for smart devices.

On-demand replacement

Capture student and staff images
with school computers all year long.
Print replacement cards on-site
or have them delivered to your school.



Schools and District need to plan for the return to school in the face of a pandemic. Policies chosen to maximize safety will vary widely, perhaps including

  • Requiring proof of antibody tests
  • Requiring proof of immunization
  • Reducing class sizes, with admissibility determined by lottery or other means
  • Tracking students currently in quarantine
  • Offer preferential support for children of critical workers
  • etc


But: having chosen a policy,
… how does a school implement it?

How does the school know that a given student should be admitted when they present themselves at the school door?

We can help.

Admissible for In-Person Instruction

With High5.ID, schools can set an “Admissible for in-person instruction” flag for each student’s database entry. This flag can be set based on any policy the school chooses; no medical or personally revealing information needs to be stored on the system. The flags can be changed at any time by office staff, and our ID will react.


The school sets up “greeters” at school entrances, where they check students wanting access to the school. The greeters can work with digital ID or with traditional ID cards. No physical contact is required.

Digital ID

Students hold up their mobile phones to show the greeter their digital ID.

    • The ID shows ‘OK’ or ‘No Go’ based on the student’s flag.
    • If the flag is changed by office staff, the student’s ID updates.

Traditional ID Cards

Students hold up their ID card to the greeter; the greeter scans the QR code on the card and is shown ‘OK’ or “No Go’ based on the student’s flag.

  • The greeter can use either
    • their own mobile phone, or
    • a laptop or tablet provided by the school
  • No app is installed in either case.