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Here are the ways to get ID in peoples hands, pick the one you like

  1. QR code
    1. Watch: https://www.loom.com/share/c22d718b704f4487bd3b0c935b5b005a
    2. Tools > designs > output designs > signage |self-serve ID poster | 8.5×11 | PDF. Result: a PDF specific to your school.
    3. Individuals that use their phones to scan the QR code on that poster will be able to sign in and get their ID
    4. This is good because kids will be on their phones, not their laptops.
    5. I’ve attached the PDF for your convenience
  2. Text ID to 58135
    1. Tell individuals: “Send ‘ID’ to 58135”. They will get a link back. Tapping that link takes them to the signin page.
  3. Broadcast a Conestoga link
    1. Watch: https://www.loom.com/share/ca4b39bc8f8b4402ab113c1a14e17461
    2. Tools > communications > useful URLs > Personal Home Page | Copy to clipboard
    3. Paste into your choice of communications tools – email broadcast, school social media, etc
    4. For your convenience, Conestoga’s link is https://high5.id/p/uJvaq
  4. Broadcast individual links
    1. Watch: https://www.loom.com/share/8a800d6ee4484af58233c128b8d0d193
    2. Tools > communications > broadcast a message
    3. Choose ‘personal home page’ message template
    4. Click ‘change’ beside ‘send to’ and pick the recipients (I used “all”, above)
    5. Choose ‘individual’ (sending to guardians happens more at elementary schools)
    6. Choose ‘email’ or ‘SMS’ depending on whether you have more email addresses or phone numbers – conestoga has email IDs for most)
    7. Click ‘send’
    8. Each recipient will get a personalized link
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