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How do I add a field to an ID card?

Click ‘edit in vecta’
This will open a clone of the design in vecta.io, our partner company, where you can edit the design to taste.
You might need to create a vecta account, it’s free & safe.
When done, change tabs back to high5 and click ‘collect from vecta’ to pull your changes back from vecta into High5, then ‘save’ to make your changes permanent.

Once you’re comfortable with the loop, try clicking ‘open ingredients’ to see a multi-page composition in vecta.
These are elements you can copy/paste from the ingredients composition into your own design.

If you want to see how a specific field works, such as the org display name, right –click on it and choose ?edit custom Json?
You’ll find a snippet of Json including field contents such as ~%org.displayName~%

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