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How long does export take?

There are two factors:

  • How big your organization is
  • How much work is in the export queue ahead of you


When you choose ‘export’ (to PSPA, for example), our server adds adds your request to a queue of export jobs. This means that you do not have to wait for the export process, or worry about closing your browser window – all the processing happens “in the cloud”, so you don’t need to watch progress bars.

The jobs in the queue are processed ‘first in first out’. This means that if you have a small job, but are queued behind somebody with a huge job, your job will still take time to be processed. It’s hard to estimate how long you will need to wait.

A large organization, when it gets processed, can take several tens of minutes. As an estimate, exporting an organization holding 2000 individuals takes about 30 minutes.

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