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How long will a student have access to their digital ID card after the school year?

Two things can expire,

  1. The school High5 license
    1. e.g. if the school doesn’t renew
    2. We currently aren’t being hardcore about this, e.g. shutting schools down hard the moment the school year ends, but someday we’ll be more careful about tracking the end of a license.
    3. When this happens, all ID will cease to function
  2. The specific student’s ID
    1. E.g. the kid graduates (same thing as: the school’s database is rolled over to the next year, arching all students that don’t return to the school in the new year)
    2. You or the school *should* be careful about managing the year-over-year update, using admin > settings > scheduling > begin new reporting year
    3. When this happens, the specific kid’s ID will cease to function
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