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How To Sign Out of Kiosk

Click the ‘v’ at the lower-left corner of the kiosk page, that will bring you back to the admin page login screen

“I’ve started the kiosk and now I can’t get back to the admin page”


  • The student / visitor kiosk allows students and visitors to check themselves in or out of your organization.
  • It’s designed to run as an unattended kiosk, which makes it a target for mischief: bright kids can be tempted to try to break it.
  • To ensure the security of your data, we’ve intentionally designed it to be tough to get from the kiosk back to the main admin page.

If you have started a kiosk and are now unable to close it,

  • Click the ‘v’ in the version number shown at the bottom-left of the kiosk interface.

This will close the kiosk and return you to the main login page for the High5.ID admin area.

Even if this “easter egg” is found by a student, they will not be able to get to the actual admin page without knowing the user ID & password.

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