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What Field Do I Use For Student ID?

Field Name Meaning Example Uses
Organization ID A code that the organization uses to reference the individual Student Number

Employee ID

Client IndID A code that the teammate uses to reference the individual <a GUID generated by PLIC>
Auxiliary ID An additional code used by an organization to reference the individual.


An RFID-enabled ID card will come with an internal ID number that can’t be known until the card is printed but must be associated with this individual.


Clever will generate a unique code for an individual for Single Sign On. Associating this code with the individual in High5 will allow them to use their High5 digital ID to log into the Clever system.


Some library systems use their own ID for a student, prepending “p” to their student ID by convention.

Government Issued ID A code found on government or state-issued ID for this individual When a visitor to the organization signs into the High5 visitor kiosk, they may be asked to provide an ID number such as a drivers license. This can be provided to authorities in case of an emergency.
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