Real-Time Communications

Tools to deal with campus concerns in real time

The CDC Guidelines State...

Create a communication plan to deal with on-campus mental
and physical health concerns in real time.

What does that really mean?

“Real Time” means:
if you learn that an infected individual is present on campus, it’s crucial to respond quickly:
the more time passes before the individual is isolated, the more potential infections and theĀ  greater cleanup required.
…so time is money, and potentially, lives.

You need to communicate with staff immediately to find and isolate that individual.

“Mental” health concerns means:
Acknowledging the heavy toll that these strange days exert on the state of mind of all your stakeholders – staff and students alike – and having support to offer. Services including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are in place to help people in need.
Your role is to facilitate connection to these services.

High5.ID gives you the tools

to reach your staff, and your students... in bulk, immediately, and without any required apps.

SMS and Email messaging

Our system includes tools to broadcast messages out to any or all of your community.

High-priority messages can be sent as SMS messages, which arrive directly on staff & student phones – it’s direct, immediate, and does not require the recipient to be running an App or checking their inbox.

Other messages can be sent as email messages. This has the advantage of being unlimited and no-charge.

Messages sent in either format can include “tags” which extract the value of database fields. This can be as simple as personalizing the message (“Hello Edward!”) or as involved as sending a personalized URL (a “PURL”) that varies per recipient.

Examples of use include

  • “Hold in place” can be broadcast to prevent the spread of infection if you learn of an on-campus case.
  • “Shelter in place” can be broadcast in case of an emergency involving immediate physical danger.
  • “Edward, come to the office” can be sent to a single individual in case of an urgent need – no matter where Edward is on the campus.

If you need to reach people quickly, High5.ID gives you the power to filter a database of known individuals, craft a message, and send it immediately and in bulk to those who need to hear it.

Fingertip access to support organizations

Student cards commonly include a phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

High5.ID digital ID goes further and provides a link to this service directly on the user’s phone.

Each individual at your school will receive personalized landing pages – a web page that you can configure to offer anything you like. Examples include tools to take or give attendance, buy replacement cards, take satisfaction surveys, visit the cheer store. By default, these pages include a link that, when tapped, will open the user’s phone app and pre-load the number for the NSPL; all the user has to do it tap again to place the call.

This small optimization removes a few tedious steps in the process of placing the call, which might make a difference in a moment of extreme need.

Landing Pages

All staff and students at your school get personalized Landing Pages.

These are live, reactive pages that you can configure. Changes you make are immediately reflected on all mobile devices.

Landing pages usually include links to digital ID – an always-up-to-date version of the traditional plastic ID cards. Digital ID has several advantages over traditional:

  • It is unlikely to be forgotten or sent through the wash
  • It can be turned off
  • It can be updated with changes instantly

Landing pages can hold anything you like…

  • Surveys regarding teachers, the school, or any topic
  • Phone numbers that dial instantly when tapped
  • Links to specific web pages
    • student course calendars
    • sporting schedules
  • Storefronts
    • Cheer
    • ASB
    • Photography
  • School tools
    • Attendance (for teachers and for students)
    • Entrance screening

It really is remarkable to press a button on your computer and update the phones held by a thousand students and teachers. Communication is instant, silent, and powerful.

To Recap

High5.ID helps you reach, inform, and help your stakeholders in real time.

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