We Streamline Your Late Check-in and Early Check-out Process.

Touchless Late Arrivals

Older students can use their phones to input all the needed information to record their late arrival.  They are time stamped onto campus and the reason for the tardy is recorded. A digital late slip is sent to their phone to show the teacher without going to the school office. 

Touchless Early Dismissal

Students and parents use their phones to access all functions needed for early dismissal tracking. They list the reasons why and who the student is leaving with.  From any smart device the school staff can approve or deny the request. A digital exit pass is then sent to their phone.

Secure Early Dismissal Process

Students can only be released to adults that have registered with the school. This verifies the identity of the adult and captures their picture and mobile phone number. The exit from campus is timestamped.

Email or Text Students, Parents and Staff

Emails and text messages can be sent directly to students, parents or teachers directly through High5.ID.

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Kiosk Compatible

Schools may use their own laptops to allow students to scan in  and out with their printed or Digital IDs.

Compatible with Legacy Systems

You can go touchless while also having the option to print traditional IDs and badges and use a scanner.

Custom Admin Panel

From any smart device, school staff can approve or deny all student requests for late entry, early exit and returns.  They may create reports and communicate to parent problems with school attendance.

Custom School Portal

Assign flags to students to streamline check in / check out.


No Flag is the Default

School staff must review and approve all requests.


Green Flag

Is given for students that my have permission to leave campus on a regular basis.


Yellow Flag

Is set for when a student needs to be referred to or spoken with about recurring late arrivals.


Red Flags

These may be set for students that have family custody or other court orders.