Track your stats as the day unfolds!

  • tardies
  • early dismissals
  • returning students

A modern, cloud-based
student tracking system
that doesn’t slow down kids
and frees up staff.

Timestamped tardies and early exits

Live Reporting

Student scans are sent directly to the cloud
for easy report generation.

Know Why

Students enter reasons for
their tardiness or early dismissal.
Frequently-tardy students can be identified
and asked to do better.

Parent Pickups

You’ll know which adult picked up a student.

You’ll have a photo and driver’s license ID
or phone number, too.


Emails and text messages can be
sent directly to parents in case of…

  • Excessive tardies
  • Attendance concerns

… because we have helped collect
the parent mobile phone numbers.

Local Support

Your local Teammate helps with
system setup, staff training, and
preparing data and images for your school.

Track tardies -> improve attendance -> maximize your ADA