ID is critical for a school

But a traditional picture day is "just not going to work" in a pandemic.

CDC Guidelines State

Schools should limit non-essential visitors
and large student gatherings
should be conducted virtually when possible.

Challenges with a traditional picture day

 – Hard to maintain social distancing –
– Visitors should not be allowed on campus –
– Common areas (gyms, cafeterias) may be off-limits –
– How are distance learners photographed? –

High5.ID gives you the tools

to collect photos and build ID for all staff and students... instantaneously.

How High5.ID can help

We give you tools to reach all staff and students
with an email or SMS message inviting them to take a selfie.

Each individual is photographed;
students with mobile phones take selfies,
while guardians take pictures of younger children.
The images are returned with a click.
No software is installed. The entire process takes seconds.

Fast, elegant, safe

Any modern Parent or Student smartphone will work.
Photos are done and cards are printed before the school year starts.
Your photographers can come for professional portraiture
(for the yearbook, for awards, and for parents)
at less stressful times during the year, when safety procedures
are more established.

Review & Approve Images

Quickly scan through the results and reject unacceptable images.
Click a button and the affected individuals receive links to retake their images.

Powerful design tools

Easily modify existing designs by choosing from a catalog of layouts and backgrounds.
Or roll your sleeves up and design anything you like
with complete flexibility over the layout using powerful online layout tools.
Any decisions you make are private to your organization.
You can have different designs per grade, or to reflect ASB membership, or by role at your school.
Complete design freedom.

High5.ID Photo Kiosk

What about student without phones? Or replacement ID?

A school laptop or chromebook can be used
as a kiosk to photograph staff or students
who couldn’t deliver selfies for any reason.

New students and staff can be invited
to capture selfies all year long via SMS or email.

Lost cards can be replaced by parents
purchasing new cards online, or student visiting your office.
Temporary paper cards can be printed on the spot,
with replacement hard cards delivered in a few days.

Innovation in ID Cards

A unique QR code is added to each card.

This enables our system to scan cards from
any connected device (mobile phones, laptops, chromebooks)
.. without installing any software or apps.

The applications of completely app-free scanning
of ID cards are huge. This is what we do.

Digital ID done right

ID can be printed to traditional cards, or displayed on mobile devices.
The advantages of digital ID are overwhelming:
– Always up to date. A student becomes an ASB member? Their card reflects this –
–  Screen capturing or screen recording won’t fool a human viewer.
– Gives immediate access to school and online services, such as the National Suicide Help Hotline.
– Can be turned off if an individual leaves the school.

To Recap

This simplifies your life.

  • Your registration day doesn’t involve photography; you can worry about other things.
  • The cards are ready and waiting for your students.
  • The photos were taken at home long in advance.
  • Your students do not interact with outside visitors or assemble in groups; you have done everything in your power to protect them.

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