Modern School Health & Safety Tools

Touchless Visitor Tracking

Visitors use their smartphones to check in and receive a digital visitor badge. They check in with their phones. They check out with their phones. No equipment to buy. No software to install. No contact with school staff!

NEW! Effortless Contact Tracing

High5.ID offers the only visitor tracking system with contact tracing built-in! Since visitors register with their cell phones, reaching them afterward is only a text or call away.

COVID-19 Symptom Surveys

Stay ahead of the curve. Easily monitor health factors associated with the spread of COVID-19 with custom surveys visitors complete during check-in.

No Software to Install

High5.ID is web based. No apps need to be installed on teacher, student, or volunteer phones. Office staff have no software to install or equipment to purchase.

Watch Visitor Tracking in Action

Kiosk Compatible

School-supplied laptops can also be used as traditional registration stations and print visitor badges when needed.

Sex Offender Lookup

We search all 50 U.S. state sex offender registries and alert schools when there’s a match with a would-be visitor.

Panic Button

Our silent school panic button will allow the receptionists to discreetly send preloaded messages to school safety officers or administrators in the event they need immediate assistance.

Secure School Events

Easily check in high volumes of visitors at events like Back-to-School Night, Award Ceremonies and Parent Conferences. Large groups of registered visitors can be approved at once, with hundreds checked in and recorded in only seconds. Your school will have a record of who attends, their COVID-19 Survey answers and phone numbers if contract tracing is needed.

Multiple Entrances

Large campuses may require multiple entry points. Set up as many as you need at no extra charge.

Visitor Pre-registration

Parents can register at home, before they show up at school. Simply text Visit to the High5.ID short code and follow the prompts. A visitor pass is sent to their phone once they arrive, and their visit is approved.

Admissible ID

When visitors register you can flag them as admissible or not for whatever reason.

Email | Text Visitors and Staff

With High5 Visitor Management, there’s no reason to interrupt the entire class to get a message through. Use High5.ID to quietly send messages to visitors, teachers or staff.

Tailored Access

Adjust the look and feel of digital badges to distinguish different types of visitors. Flag visitors using a color-coded system to alert staff to potential security risks.

No Flag

Default setting for new visitors. School has to approve or deny all visits.


Green Flag

Trusted and verified as safe and preapproved to be on campus, such as the PTA President or a Substitute Teacher.


Yellow Flag

May be given to a visitor that needs some special screening or message given before a visit.


Red Flags

These visitors are not allowed on campus.  A school administrator may need to be called to the reception area to deal with challenging situations, like if there’s a restraining order in the SIS system.

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Custom Administrative Capabilities


Restricted Visitor Lists
Schools may import a list of visitors that are never allowed on campus. This list can be compiled from current restraining orders or through local law enforcement.

Reception Panel
Easy to use and accessible through any computer on or off campus. View a list of who is currently on campus and who has left.

Scripted Communications
School administrators can predetermine what to say during difficult situations, like if there’s a sex offender match at check-in. Receptionists can quickly access instructions for how to respond.

Custom Visitor Locations
Schools can set up the list of specific locations for campus visits. This feature is important for contact tracing, especially in larger schools.

Custom Real-time Reporting
Produce complete, accurate visitor reports that show who was in your school and when. Include custom visit types, like Parent, Vendor Meeting, Substitute Teacher.