Zero Hardware Option

Visitors register by sending a text
from their phone to a special number.
They are asked to take a selfie and fill in their details.

This information is immediately added
to the High5 database;
no kiosk, scanner, or printer is required.

Real Time Communication

Kiosk Option

Some schools prefer a physical kiosk,
where government-issued ID is scanned
and visitor stickers with photo are printed.

We can connect with inexpensive
laser scanners and Dymo label printers.

You may use school computers
or purchase dedicated laptops
with assistance from your Teammate.

Best practices for tracking visitors

Sex offender lookup

Matches between visitors and sex offenders
found in any of the 50 state’s sex offender lists
are flagged to the school with photos to compare.

Visitor flagging

Frequent visitors get a green flag
and fast pass privileges.
Visitors with concerns get yellow;
banned visitors get red.

Modern reporting

Reports can be created
for visitors, volunteers
and temp staff.
No more paper records.

Panic Button

With a click, your staff can reach Administrators,
school security, and local law enforcement
via SMS and text-to-speech phone blasts.

No software to install

High5.ID is web based.
No apps need to be installed on
teacher, student, or volunteer phones.
Office staff have no software to install
(except optional Dymo printer drivers,
if applicable).

Key fobs for speed

High5.ID can scan government ID,
mobile phones, or badges from previous visits.
Put our QR code on a keyfob
and give regular visitors super-fast access!

Minimize staff time and distraction